I grew up itching for creativity in drawing and creative writing – Soetry

NAME: Soetry


Well, well, well, if it isnt another PTA poet in the #PoetryLeague Mid-season Top 10. I’m not tryna say nothing, but uhm, I think they know some things about making the pots.


About Soetry
Solly Ramatswi, also known as Soetry, is a 24 year old writer born in a small village called Pollen, in Limpopo, where he was nurtured by the hands of his grandmother.

Solly grew up with his left hand itching for creativity in drawing and creative writing. Currently in Pretoria, Winterveldt, he’s stretched his wings over platforms such as Scribe Rites, U R What U Spit and Tshwane Speak Out Loud.

This led him to being part of Mzansi Poetry Academy, Current State of Poetry and sharing his work a few times at Word N Sound’s #PoetryLeague. These are the spaces where he met a lot of great individuals who contributed to his life of writing. A few of those are Dr Raphael d’Abdon, Dr Sarah Godsell, Vus’umuzi Phakathe,Thuthukani Myeza and a lot more.

He has since come 2nd place in Another Kinda Slam 2017 and 3rd place at Leleme La Mme 2017.

KG: What’s been your proudest moment?
SO: Challenging myself in terms of performance… I am mostly reserved on stage, so finding myself and how to live in my poems while on stage is worth it, and worth growing. On top of that, it’s having my Pretoria brothers – Clear, Masai Sepuru, Mjele and Linda by my side every episode.

KG: What’s been your worst moment and how did you get over it?
SO: It would be me having trust issues with my poems… It’s a struggle dragging myself from Winterveldt and convincing my soul to live on stage every month.

KG: What made you decide to slam?
Growth, growth and growth as a performer! And getting to share my work with other people, as I write for other individuals; not just me.

KG: Whose been your top 3 poets other than yourself?
Uhm, I would say my PTA brothers 🙂

KG: How would you describe yourself? Start your answer with “one day, one day…”
One day I will play, juggling with my doubts, fears and expectations… and I will intentionally let them fall as I move forward

KG: You’ve been in the top 5 since the beginning. Who do you think is your toughest contender?
Well … can I mention more than one? Because it’s such an honour to share a stage with these amazing and talented individuals on the stage.

Clear is one of my personal favourite poets and love his work and I have interacted with his work both on stage and paper.

Mjele’s ‘What Is A Poem’ still gives me goosebumps and brother’s writing is on another tip.

Linda, Linda, Linda… There’s passion and a hard working writer here.


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