Let us explore the economy of words – Thando Buthelezi

The Soweto Poetry Workshop has proven, once again, to be a platform not only for learning, but also one for engaging and exploring one’s full potential in the capable hands of experienced writers in the industry who impart their skills and expertise. In the month of June, we hosted writer, performer and Social Media Manager Sibongile Fisher under the theme “Finding your voice in the times that we live in”.

soweto poerty (11)

The opening discussion was around current news events that we feel are urgent for us to talk about as writers and how they affect us on a personal level.

This led to the exploration of subject matters such as domestic abuse, loss of Identity, addiction, the scourge of protest action and many other ideas that were thrown around our intimate discussion round table where all the eager writers in attendance were then tasked to draw content from their own experiences around these subjects and write a poem.  

The participants were then challenged to analyze Mandi Vundla’s “Black-out” poem and read it in a way that they felt the poet had intended. Fisher used this exercise to show the various poetry devices that the writer used to get her point across.

Given the platform to share, the poets then re-visited the poems that they wrote in the beginning of the session and adopted the very skills that they learnt through the previous exercise, to add value to their work and finally recite their poems with the facilitator giving feedback for each.  

In between all these, questions such as “what makes a poet a poet?” were raised, drawing everyone into deep discussion about the current state of the poetry industry.

When asked about his experience Lawrence Simelane simply said, I get it now… Sengiyakwazi ukubhodla through my writing”sharing the same sentiment was Hlulani Rikhotso who added, I am a better writer now.”

To be a part of this fun, learning experience, join Mandi Poefficient Vundla (Host) and Xabiso Vili (Guest Facilitator) at the #SowetoPoetryWorkshops on the 21st July 2018 as Vili explores the Theme: How Not to Get Distracted, as a writer.

Vili is an author, performer, TEDx speaker and social activist, currently working in the City of Tshwane. He is one of Gauteng’s top poets, using his writings to help him explore his inner world so as to be able to relate to the outer world.

Vili notes that Writing techniques can be their own sleight of hand. Keeping the reader looking elsewhere whilst the magic happens and just when they look back, the writer has created a whole world.”

Come an create a whole new world with us and let us explore the economy of words written and spoken.

Soweto Poetry Workshops take place at the Eyethu Lifestyle Centre, Mofolo. 10:00 am. R50 get you in.

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