“Convincing myself to be spotless when I feel like a mess” – Soetry Ramatswi

Why did you decide to join the Word N Sound Poetry League this season and did it meet your expectations? 
Me, Masai and Clear spoke about it last year… that we are going to go for it this year and experience new spaces. And for me personally I am a poetry hoe who needs to grow and grow and grow and grow…

How would you describe your journey on the Word N Sound stage this year?
I would call it a wave- there were times I felt like hiding beneath sand, all calm, but because I am Solly, stubborn, I had to prove to myself that I can push to the shores of WnS. And all the ups and downs were all worth it.

Which two of your performances have stood out for you and why?
My April(Web) and May(How It Took A Village To Raise A Storm) performance was something different to how I usually present myself on stage. One was the most “loud” while ‘web’ was all calm.

What has been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome?
Coming back every episode. Convincing myself to be spotless when I feel like a mess.

The Poetry League can at times be tough, who has helped you along the journey and kept you coming back each month?
My mom is always there. My dad gave me transport and ticket money when I was unemployed. My brother Charles helped me with extra money. My brother Joshua, who I always woke early in the morning with my rehearsals, would was and still is a pillar… he would even quote my lines. My brother Masai when I am on my lows, Mjele with my writing, Clear with his hardwork and many more. Belita is amazing. Thuthukani is always a brother. Mfumo always checks up on me.

Going into the finale, who would you say is your toughest competitor and why?
Eish, this is a tough one. Yeey I can only imagine Mjele’s last 2 poems… haii we are in “trouble”! LOL

What have you learnt from the other competitors this season?
Your voice is important. Your existence is worth it. You are loved, by us, your fellow poets.

Who has been your favourite poet to watch this season?
Yeey Jonathan lena! But Bugsy when she performed the response to my ‘father poem’. I was so happy.

Season 8 of the Poetry League will come to an end on Sat 6 Oct at the finale. Find out more about the event and get your tickets here. The 8th Word N Sound International Youth Poetry Festival runs from 3 – 7 Oct 20018, find out more here.

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