There are things we love more than people – Belita Andre

The Word N Sound Awards are nigh, and we decided to get to know our nominees a little better. First up is Belita Andre.


How do you feel about being nominated for Best Newcomer?
I am honored that I would be considered.

You’ve performed on other stages. Why did you want to come to the Poetry League?
WnS was the first platform I had outside of school in my teens. I guess I came back to greet.

What was your favourite poem that you performed on our stage?
I don’t do very well titling my poems, but it would be the piece I shared in Season 8, Episode 7.

What’s one lesson that you learnt from being part of the Poetry League in Season 8
There are things we love more than people.

Other than you, who would you say stood out to you in Season 8?
Linda Masilela … his rhythm keeps up with my heartbeat.

What plans do you have for 2019?
I plan to publish my first anthology this year and if the cards allow, tour the country in the name of poetry.

Your fave won’t win unless you vote for them. Do the right thing before 17 February.

Voting for the Best Newcomer category in the 2018 Word N Sound Awards is now open. Support your favourite poet by casting your vote once every hour. Voting closes on Sunday 17 February.

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