Stand by your style and in your voice – Mjele Msimang


How do you feel about being nominated for Best Newcomer?
It’s an honour. I feel like it is an acknowledgment of what I brought to the stage.

You’ve performed on other stages. Why did you want to come to the Poetry League stage?
I wanted to gain more experience in sharing poetry in front of an audience under competitive conditions. I also wanted to challenge the Word N Sound stage with reading as a performance style – which I believe I managed.

What was your favourite poem that you performed on our stage?
It used to be “What is a poem?” but reflecting over the past December on masculinity and tenderness, my favourite poem has changed to “Dear Man”.

What’s one lesson that you leearnt from being part of the Poetry League in Season 8?
Stand by your style and in your voice. Be uncompromising in this choice.

Other than you, who would you say stood out to you in Season 8?
There’s a list on that, each of them bringing something different than the other. In no particular order: Soetry, Linda, Masai, Manola, Thandi, Sabelo, Clear, Keneilwe and Met_A_Morphosis.

What plans do you have for 2019?
I am going to focusing on my students and photography this year. I will also be giving time and energy to my poetry collection.

Voting for the Best Newcomer category in the 2018 Word N Sound Awards is now open. Support your favourite poet by casting your vote once every hour. Voting closes on Sunday 17 February.

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