It is not easy to push and carry the weight of my own insecurities – Soetry


He’s the only finalist from last year’s finale who made it to this Season final Top 5 and he came back to the slam this year the grace, poise and maturity of a gladiator who knows this battlefield all to well.

You were in the finale last year. What did you learn then that you will apply now? What will you do differently?
Last year we had an amazing Top 5. I had my friends to compete with, and that was a highlight for me. With the love we had for each other, we carried each other from the start to the end. That is what I am bringing to this year’s finale, LOVE.

This year I had more time to rehearse and prepare for the finale from the start of the league. I am bringing all of me this time.

What did it take to get you to the Top 5 again? Please tell us about your journey in the league?
Being consistent and persistent with my craft kept me here, in the Top 5. When I started participating in the League, I did it to challenge myself and the spaces around me with my growth. It is not easy to push and carry the weight of my own insecurities, but I did… and still intend to do so in the finale.

What has been the biggest lesson learnt through this slam?
This is what I got to learn:

  1. I am the space between a village and a city;
  2. My poetry is the bridge between the two places: it tells of the fire that burnt the cities, the fire that started in the villages.
  3. The content? Well, I am a quarter of a century bleeding black boy stories.
  4. I am finding myself and my growth through slam.

Which performance has been your best? Why did it stand out for you?
My showcase at Word N Sound was my favourite performance. Though I have grown through slam, I got to learn that I enjoy showcases more than I enjoy slam.

Who is your biggest threat in this finale and why?
(Lol I can’t seem to give one name)

  • Khayalethu: His performance and stage presence is outstanding;
  • Desire: The fact that she is the only poet to be in the Top 5 each and every time she slammed in the episodes says it all;
  • Met-A-Morphosis: Here we are taken into a different world of science and new perspective;
  • Jonathan: He gives us grief in the most familiar way…his work reflects on how we break as men, as humans, as families.

poetry league finale

Join us for the Word N Sound Poetry League Season 9 finale on Sat 5 Oct at the Con Cowan Theatre in Auckland Park. This finale will see 5 formidable opponents in a battle to be crowned the 2019 Poetry League Champion.

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