Being yourself can be infectious – Met-A-Morphosis

Each month, Met-A-Morphosis has taken us on a journey of fantasy, science and art. His spellbinding performances might not have earned him a spot in any of the monthly Top 5s but his determination to his unique voice has got him into the only Top 5 that matters at this moment. 

You have never been in the Top 5 this season, yet here you sit in the finale. What keeps you coming back each month? Tell us about the power of determination? 
Since I started my journey at Word N Sound, I have wanted to be in the Top 5. Initially, I guess people weren’t too accustomed to my style of writing. I have been told on many occasions to change but I’m glad I didn’t.  In staying true to self, I began to feel not just comfortable but at home on stage. The process of growth and will to continue had led me here. 

I mostly kept coming back not just because I enjoyed the challenge but I love how the League gets you to create a body of work. Having wanted to be in the Top 5 photo for so long I was sad I couldn’t be there to hear the announcement of me making the finale. I had a call time for a showcase at the Joburg Theatre where I performed pieces that have mostly been debuted at Word N Sound. 

I think the saying “where there is a will there is a way” has stuck through upon reflection. My willingness to learn and develop as well as passion and determination were pivotal in bringing me to the finale. My love for art has been my driving force.

What did it take to get you to the Top 5? Please tell us about your journey in the league?
I had to be inventive. Fortunately, I have been giving myself various reading challenges throughout the year, and I found that provided I kept looking into things I’m interested in, ideas that should flourish. My biggest passions are art, philosophy and science so I tend to let them overlap in my work. The League has been challenging, it’s been tough this year balancing my teaching (Maths, Science and English), extra classes, public speaking coach, chess coach and honours. Time has been my most precious resource so I have had to use it wisely. There are a lot of amazing poets on stage so I am honoured to have made the Top 5. Often I have finalized my pieces at the last minute I’m glad I was able to perform at every episode. 

Which performance has been your best? Why did it stand out for you?
I think my best performance may have been the Doppler Effect for Souls. It wasn’t just the feedback I got from it but how I executed the concept exactly the way I had envisioned. I truly had fun performing it and exploring the ideas and philosophies I derived from the image. 

What has been the biggest lesson learnt through this slam?
The biggest lesson I learnt this season was that being yourself can be infectious. I guess we are all caught up in a world that wants us to conform. Going against the grain isn’t always easy but can be worth it in the end. I have found appreciation when least expected which has humbled me and given me the strength to keep going. 

Who is your biggest threat in this finale and why?
My biggest threat? That’s a tough one. I think everybody in the Top 5 is there because of the quality of their work. I feel anybody can take the crown at this point. All I can do is do me and push myself to be more innovative in the process. 

Join us for the Word N Sound Poetry League Season 9 finale on Sat 5 Oct at the Con Cowan Theatre in Auckland Park. This finale will see 5 formidable opponents in a battle to be crowned the 2019 Poetry League Champion. 


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