Every finalist has demons…and I don’t want to mess with them – Khayalethu

Khayalethu kicked off the season on a high after winning the slam in February’s first episode. Though this newcomer’s journey has been rocky, his dedication and consistency have earned him a spot in this Season’s finale. 

What did it take to get you to the Top 5? Please tell us about your journey in the league?
I had to steal my brother’s shirts, cut my neighbour’s grass for taxi money and pretend to be rapping when I’m rehearsing because poetry ekasi lami is not really understood. Joking…I think what got me to the Top 5 was me allowing myself to learn, listen and step out from me mirror-and-toothbrush performances. Also, not giving up.

The journey in the League is like drinking black… Having this angry face while it’s going down your throat, smiling when it’s in your system forgetting about the taste…not that I’m saying WNS is a tavern. There are episodes you like WHAT!!! Some you just want to hide under a rock.

How do you find and keep your voice when you are competing with amazing and diverse voices?
I always have this in my mind: Who are you? What did you come here for? Don’t lie to yourself don’t lie to yourself. Focus. Focus. 

What has been the biggest lesson learnt through this slam?

  • Don’t punch the mic! “Hides”. But punches into the mic “wink wink”.
  • Don’t choke! 
  • Keep away from social media some posts about you will drive you to want to commit suicide. 
  • No slam is ever the same, always come back stronger than the last time. 
  • Relax. Relax 
  • Which performance has been your best? Why did it stand out for you?
    When I performed “Colour Hurt”. It was the very first time ever, ever, ever using visuals and a soundtrack as accompaniment. So that for me remains a highlight. 

    Who is your biggest threat in this finale and why?
    Mmm…wow…mmm. Everyone! Purely because everyone always brings their A-Game. You really can’t for sure know what either finalist will have up their sleeve. So the best way is to be humble and respect their craft and just hope that you will have a good afternoon and kill your performance. And I know each and every one of them has demons that I do not want to mess with. I’ve witnessed them first hand, powerful people these. 

    Join us for the Word N Sound Poetry League Season 9 finale on Sat 5 Oct at the Con Cowan Theatre in Auckland Park. This finale will see 5 formidable opponents in a battle to be crowned the 2019 Poetry League Champion.

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