Underestimate nobody, anyone can take the title – Jonathan

Jonathan was the underdog last season, who broke us with the beautiful pictures he painted with his pain. He came back this year with more beauty, more pain and even more hunger for a spot in this finale.

What did it take to get you to the Top 5? Please tell us about your journey in the league?
I had so many sleepless nights preparing myself for the League. It pushed me to always find a way to write better than the last time.  I got to compete with new people and also my old friends and this has been an amazing journey of learning and coming back from setbacks stronger and more focused.

You have shown amazing growth this season. How has the Poetry League forced you to grow as a writer and performer?
It challenges you to write a new poem every month. Because of this, your writing is constantly evolving. You are constantly growing into a better poet and a better performer. 

What has been the biggest lesson learnt through this slam?
The slam refines you as an artist. But the biggest lesson learned was ‘never underestimate anyone’. Stepping on to this platform, we all have equal opportunity to walk away with the title.

Which performance has been your best? Why did it stand out for you?
The final episode performance, because I enjoyed it,  I am as well prepared and it helped me make it into the Top 5.

Who is your biggest threat in this finale and why?
Every single poet is a threat they all possess different tools at their disposal and because of this they are all dangerous.  Soetry is a beautiful writer who carries so much depth. Khayalethu has aggression and performance. Meta is in a different league from us,  he builds his own world and his style is unique only to him. Desire has proven time and time again that she is talented she has made every top 5 this year and her topics are always hard hitting.  So I will be walking onto stage prepared for four people and not just one.

Join us for the Word N Sound Poetry League Season 9 finale on Sat 5 Oct at the Con Cowan Theatre in Auckland Park. This finale will see 5 formidable opponents in a battle to be crowned the 2019 Poetry League Champion. 

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