In partnership with various arts organizations and venues, the company designs and facilitates platforms and projects that connect local and international practitioners of literature to share knowledge, collaborate on new works, encourage and inspire them and to give them a sense of the trajectory of a literary career.

Annually, the Company produces 40 weekly events, 16 monthly events, 3 festivals and 1 National Poetry slam.

Word N Sound Poetry League
Monthly competitive poetry slam & open mic league.
February – September.
Read more here.

Word N Sound Poetry Corner
Weekly open mic platform to discover and groom new talent.
March – November.
Read more here.

Spoken Freedom Festival
Annual 4 day festival in partnership with The Market Theatre Foundation.
Read more here.

Slam For Your Life
South Africa’s first national poetry slam held in Grahamtown as part of National Arts Festival.
Read more here.

WNS International Youth Festival
5 day Annual festival that brings together young poets from around the world.
Read more here.

Special Projects
Workshops and collaborative projects hosted in partnership with local and international artists and organisations.

A social intervention initiative aimed at using poetry for social good and youth outreach.

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