Talking Doorsteps


Talking Doorsteps is an international film and spoken word project that Word N Sound was invited to be a part of. For one week, seven local poets worked with UK poet Deeana Rodger and film-maker Pippa Riddick in producing amazing poetry videos shot on location.

The participants were Ross Hershall, Apiwe Mjambane, Thando Bella Khoza, Mutinta Bbenkele, Lucas Serei, Paballo Sethi and Xongani Maluleka.

Baobab Roots – Xabiso Vili
“Home is not a place
that becomes us.
Home is a place we become.
Only familiar when we leave imprinted marks.
Marks imprinted on us.

I am not blank – Mutinta Bbenkele
“My home is a skeleton,
broken bones.
The weight of our secrets too heavy a price for it to bare.
Alone it was forced to hang
it’s pride on a cruxifix
that no one has the courage to look at or own.”

Debris of a Broken Home – Lucas Serei
“His father’s words tend to arrive late for their meeting
with her mother’s reasoning.
His mother’s heart is a heated kitchen.
And tonight she’s cooking an emotional storm.
And anger is her seasoning “

When Hunger Strikes – Apiwe Mjambane
“Feed me…
Feed me food that won’t throw me off
like tantrums shaped like index fingers down my throat.
Better out
than the insides of abandoned opinions
about black little girls
who sleep on pillows made of bones.”

God’s Window – Bella Soul Khoza
“Your absence is cold.
That settles on my pillows
and tries to dry the willows of tears that I have cried.
But I have suffered too many sleepless nights.
Because my mattress is a rock,
and my blanket is a hard place.
There is no warmth of home here,
just remnants of a familiar space.
A memory box…”

Toffee Coffee Tables – Ross Henshall
“It’s chaos,
It’s war,
It’s meaningless.
Nothing means a God damn thing
and you can not imagine the power in that.”

Legae Larona Le Lentle – Paballo Seti and Xongani Malulela
“All I could find were breadcrumbs
I fed them to the birds,
they gathered in our garden,
it reminds me of my childhood,
my imaginations trapped Gods in their sleep’.

The Talking Doorsteps project was done in collaboration with The Roundhouse (UK) and British Council Connect ZA.

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